Friday, July 31, 2009


While my mom was in town the other weekend we went to a local baseball game. Jameson got a mini verison of the team mascot, Orbit, and was so into showing the bigger Orbit that he had a litte one!

Grammie and Jameson waving to Orbit.

He was also really into the game. Every once in awhile you would hear Jameson yell, "Swing batter", which his grampie taught him the last time we were in Connecticut. He has such a good time and its still all he talks about so needless to say we'll be at the games often.

A day out with Thomas

We headed down to Billings, MT a couple of weekends ago and spent the day with Thomas the train. Jameson had a blast riding the train, Peyton and I on the other hand weren't too impressed since we just moved back and forth for about 30 minutes! They had live music, train tables everywhere and so much more!!!

Jameson got his Jr. conductor's license!

Hanging with the conductor!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

For the 4th of July we headed down to the parade with our friends the Van Thompsons and we had so much fun! There was a flyover, a classic car show, ice cream, spray trucks and so much more! The boys had so much fun watching the parade and waving their flags!

Eating his ice cream... this was his lunch!

Although he loved looking at the fireworks they were just too loud for him and he prefered to watch them with his ears plugged or better yet from a window inside!

Relay for Life... Big Hair style!

This year the theme to Relay for Life was Big Hair or the 80s! We had a blast getting dressed up and walking for such an amazing cause! We raised over $2000!!!

Lisa with our money bag!

Jameson jammin' out to Guitar Hero

The girls on the team... missing some of us!

Cassie getting ready!

Potty Training

So Jameson woke up one Thursday morning (6/18/2009) and informed me that there were no more diapers. I of course thought great so now he is just going to pee in his underwear and I would be cleaning up lots of wet spots but much to my surprise he barely had any accidents and wasn't kidding when he said no more diapers! He wears them only to go to bed at night and even then he asks not to wear them! I couldn't be prouder and happier that I had to do nothing when it came to potty training but hand out pez candies everytime he goes!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jameson turns 2!

For Jameson's 2nd birthday we had a pool party at the gym I work at! The pool is indoors and is nice warm. Of course we had to have a cars themed birthday and it was a blast!
The calm before the storm!

Jameson and Ben, best buds, getting ready to jump!

Ben helping Jameson blow out the candles just like Jameson did to Ben 2 weeks earlier!

Jameson and Ben opening presents. They were the only 2 interested in opening presents! All the other kids were having too much fun playing with all the toys!

Bye Bye Paci

So I can't remember if I posted these or not but I figured I would since they were so cute!! Right after Jameson turned 2 we got rid of the paci. I thought that it was going to be so much harder than it really was! We went cold turkey for three days and I kept telling him everyday that if he could go without them then we would go and "buy" cars with the pacis!!! So on day 3 we packed them in a ziploc bag and headed to Wal-mart where he picked out a package of cars and he "paid" the woman with his pacis!! And that was the end of that!

One last time!
All ready to go!

His reward for giving them up!